Hello fellow reader!!

This is now the first blog for my new photography website! Hurray!
Hmmm now the question of what to blog about?
As you can see the site is sorta still under construction much to my annoyance. I was told to publish the site, which means that now I have to still design the website whilst it being on the web. Yes you may have noticed that when originally the website was posted there was indeed a lot more images. But after a while of thinking and debating with oneself I have finally decided to watermark my work, which is taking a fair bit of time, so please bear with me as the images are being re uploaded to this site. 

I would like to thank everyone so far who has given support and feedback of the new site design, and without them, I couldn't have this site here so thank you. 

So yes apart from that and the ongoing endless work of watermarking, eventually this site should be up and running fully soon. I have also got some photo shoots coming up which means new images as well. Although also in some of my spare time, I am also collecting images as well. 

So look out for upcoming new images and photo shoots and if anyone would like to get in contact about purchasing canvases or prints please let me know and of course I shall get back to you as soon as possible. If anyone is looking for a photographer for events then again you can contact me, and you can find my details on the contact me page of this website.

So yeah enough blabbering on, look out for new content and enjoy the site!!

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    Thomas Evans, 18 years of age, Photographer