Well here we are, the site should be updating eventually, but I think like everyone I seem to be juggling all the aspects of my life. Recently I have been focusing on the work for Mostyn Gallery and so I have let slip of my work. This wont be happening again I can promise you that. But yes I'm helping to design an event that will occur at Mostyn art gallery in Llandudno, and this is part of the Gwanwyn Festival. This focuses on older generations but not only that, to help bring both younger generations and older generations together.

This event that I'm helping with is focusing on saturday nights and what they used to be like for teenagers in past eras and how now they have changed. So yes the event is on the 29th and will be featuring a wide variety of visual, sensory, sound and digital work that is designed to take  that person back in time.

But yes i think i've left topic havent I. UMM what needs to be done is more watermarking before images can be uploaded and then hopefully I should have website up and running like a proper website. I also need to print off business cards as people are now starting to inquire about me which I think is wonderful! I have also had some people already start to try and order prints and canvases of my work but again I need to sort out a supplier first before selling. I should have a photo shoot organised soon with one of my friends all depending on the weather of course.

So yes enough blabbering on and a major thanks to all the people that support me and Thomas Evans Photography!!!!

Thank you

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